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April 2007

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Hey Hey

Whoa I haven't been here in a while.  My job since last summer has been consuming majority of my time, sadly.  It puts ya on a big stressville especially with constant overtime.  But enough of that shitzit.

I started to pick up comicbooks again, after 10 years of absent.  My regular pickups are The Runaways and Cable/Deadpool.  Looove those two books.  

I'm addicted to coffee again....waaait I'm always addicted to coffee >_>

Oh yeah I got my internet...finally!!  Only if I have time to used em lol!

Anywayz I'm hoping to start up with the game again by this that time my job won't be as hectic.

Peace owt Homies

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Post Date: Apr 28, 2007 - 12:13 am


It's hard to play seriously when most days you have no access to the net.  With jus 3 days of classes and 4 days off.  I'm jus lucky to sneak some net time at some friend's crib during my 4 days off.  My free net at home is an arses, few months ago the access was sweet...but now it takes around 15-30 mins for a page to load.  It loads then it dies again, you have to refresh...load working half way..then it died again....over and over.  I have no patient lol .

So basically it's hard to play seriously with just 3 days per week.  What I do is practice starting up a game and then let the character die in couple weeks...then start practing starting up a game again..etc.  It's fun that goal is to perfect my beginning with less turns and great eff ratings.

I actually enjoy not to having a voy nor an excel for a little while, it's interesting.

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Post Date: Jan 16, 2006 - 2:22 am

Wiggy wiggy scratch yo yo bang bang

The best song ever!  My buddies and I are currently obsessed with this song.

Cartman wild wild west

Well, I'm a bada$s Cowboy livin' in the Cowboy days.
Wiggy, wiggy, scratch, yo, yo, bang, bang.
Me and Artemis Clyde frog go save Salma Hayek from the big metal spider.
A wiggy wig wig wiggy wiggy wig
Fresh cowboy from the west side
Wiggy wiggy scratch yo yo bang bang
Me and Artemis Clyde frog go save Salma frog parta ----- pants
Go down to, well... rumpletumpskin

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Post Date: Dec 17, 2005 - 3:06 am


God damn man I'm so p!ss. My 40 gig portable harddrive which I had for only 6 months jus died on me. I have so much important things in work, textures, shitload of images and well as softwares (maya, 3d max, softmage, photoshop and more). God damn it..I hope they have ways to get my sh!t out of that damn thing. I have warrenty but my sh!t in it took me forever to collect and I don't want to go thur all that again.  I do have my work backed up's jus the tutorial, textures...etc.  took me them off from alot of computers and internet searches.

On related to the game.  The .30 is awesome...but I don't have time to play at the moment...sadly.  I do log on almost everyday to see the battle from within. ...spectator here

Post Date: Dec 9, 2005 - 1:25 am

enter blog subject

Players that I miss seeing in action that I wish they would get on their ships and join again.

Tempest - a fellow canadian, very layback and quite helpful
Bovine - it was amusing when he always tries to compete against Big
Fiveyes - played with and against him, a figther and never gives up
Phaser - played against him but never been on the same team
annihilation - He will always be my partner in crime

yup I really miss seeing those dudes around

Post Date: Sep 23, 2005 - 8:18 am


Yay reset exctiing!  It's about time we get to see the latest version .  Sadly I haven't been playing the last couple months other than logging in and out to collect my cashes.  I'm still waiting for that stupid DSL to be activated, 7 weeks man? Shit..I give up on that.  I call they up every week to see my activation progress, but last week they told me my name aint seems to be on the list.  They said the are going to fix it.  Whatever man I give up, all my hopes on them is down the drain.  And I bought my new comp couple months ago to celebrate me and my internet connection getting back together.  

But the good news is...I have another way to get my net free, dat's right :smokin net baby :hat.   My friend bought his laptop to my apts which has a wireless net adaptor.  And guess what we get free internet!'s cuz someone near by has no clue how keep their net privately. before classes I bought a wireless adaptor for PC and laptop (I have two of both worlds ).  I'm hoping to install them tomorrow when I get home.  Sweeet's good for now until I get an actual internet where i actually pay.  But they can take their time to activate my connection.

Now I'm going to reread all the informations on the next version.  Getting ready for it.  Good job Tarnus and PJ for working hard on these game we all enjoy playing.

Post Date: Sep 14, 2005 - 10:26 pm

One Man Army

so I jus sit here waiting, waiting for someone to make the first move.  Getting all my infos listed to the first priority.  Building up heavly all of my defenses waiting for invasion.  I won't make the first move on this round, but when they do I will strike back.  

Man trying to set up a game is hard especially when I lack the backgroung in programming.  I wanted to run a aatrader server, mainly to create my own template and showcase it.   I remembered the darkelves server with all the debris goodies...I would like to set something up like that.

Post Date: Aug 11, 2005 - 2:56 pm


since I left the rpg game that I founded, that place become deserted. I left some good admins to continue what I've created.  They have tried but lost interest afterwards.  it was sweet while it lasted, it's too costly to have it run a 'no ads' game over at the ezboard system.  I would pay for it if my admins willing to manage the site again.  I'll pay for the server like I used to if I can get the old gamers and admins back in the game.  

Post Date: Jul 11, 2005 - 10:04 pm


out of boredom I lurked over at BnT's website.  It's such a rectro look, it has been over a yr and a half since AAT has similar look.  But aat had changed for the best.  I love how well organized the website is and pleasing to look at.  BnT on the other hand the informations are placed in simple html format.  And dont forget all those ads.  Aat has ads too but are place in certain area not all over the pages.  AAT's color scheme from the main page to the games are closely similar as oppose to BnT which is seems ackward.  BnT maybe AAT's father but the Son is being successful in a way the father hasn't.  The graphics of aat is awesome too!  

I did joined in before..I registered and logged in twice and never returned. This is jus a one person's honest perspective, don't kill me BnT fans

There was also another child of BnT with such jaw dropping main page,  space matrixish with all green, grey and wires everywhere.  Dude I was like daaaaamn, but pass jus that one main page everything else when downhill.  I kinda forgotten what's the name of that game was...


Post Date: Jul 6, 2005 - 6:22 pm


I feel like I have this big ares target sign up my @$$ that says 'lets all team up and get him".  When both of your enemies who happened to be enemies of each other teamed up together to hunt you down.  Well I think it's fun, it gives me a little attentionand keep my score low like I want it to be.  Weekends are always a non action for me...being hecticly busy with work and social.  

I jus wish the top 20 do some little action instead of not attacking each other and watch thier  pretty planets grow lol

Post Date: Jun 25, 2005 - 7:50 pm


having 2 weeks off school(this week and next).  I've been stuck on using the library net.  With their 7 year old computers and high speed still slow as hell.  So I have been inte bringing my laptop at the library for some net's alittle bit faster...jus fuuulll of bugs, I don't get pop-ups, can't open logs, the counting counter aren't working kept getting this at the bottom.


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/Smarty.class.php:1291) in /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/plugins/outputfilter.gzip.php on line 25

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/Smarty.class.php:1291) in /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/plugins/outputfilter.gzip.php on line 26

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/Smarty.class.php:1291) in /home/www/aatrade_springfieldnet/backends/smarty2/libs/plugins/outputfilter.gzip.php on line 27


I have forgotten I had this problem ages ago,  I think it's my browser and needed upgrading.  I was thinking firefox..with the library net being selective with what to download..I have to wait this july. ..freakin bugs. I missed my school's net.

Post Date: Jun 22, 2005 - 7:34 pm


This server is becoming boring and dead.
Where is everyone?  A promise of actions and lots of players.  Onces the main game reopened died.  Oh well time to find another active private server for fun.

Post Date: Jun 20, 2005 - 3:12 pm

beep beep

yikes, I was jus testing it out since I saw the fnn.  I didn't know.  I was getting too big too fast, didn't want to sky rocket up the chart.  

Post Date: May 30, 2005 - 4:23 pm


  fakecajun's amature first planets.  All from scratch using Photoshop.  Bare with me I may not be great with this yet, but I will practice practice.  There are other style of planets I'm workin a gas planet for example.  As well as a animated revolving planet.   sadly I can remember how I'm able to do that via Metal creation Painter.  I used to create movie gifs like this x-men stuff. Back then way way before my love of playing AAT..I was spending majority of my net time creating avars and sig banners for rpg(text style) players such as x-men and matrix.  It has been a while since I've played around with photoshop.  

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Post Date: May 16, 2005 - 12:52 pm


man I want my battle crusier..everyone has one.  Tho I'm new to the game.  Everyone been playing this for weeks.  I want to grow fast asap...I've tried trading(it won't let me trade more than 1000 and I have 2,147,483,448 turns to spend), the bank won't let me loan ( I always had a problem with igb).

anyway I shall try hard hard.

Post Date: May 12, 2005 - 9:20 pm


People when you attack finished off a sector not leaving majority of the planets opened up for recapture.  And place defenses in the main entrances.  Or else someone like me will pay a brave smaller player who can't be touch to take over the sectors.  I have probes everywhere so I know who comes and lurk around my areas.

silly people jus finish a job or you're jus wasting your time

off topic, in my school we have a few games installed in our computers, like jedi knight, warcraft 3, Unreal tournament..etc.  We often played agaisnt each other which is fun.  I was jus wondering if I make a proposal and have aat installed in our servers.  Hell man that would rock hardcore.

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Post Date: Apr 21, 2005 - 3:21 pm


I hate it when everytime you upgraded your ship it brings down your score.  Oh man ....oh well it's better having your money saved in dat way than worrying someone could raid you at any time.

Post Date: Apr 14, 2005 - 3:47 am


glad to hear your live and kickin Tempest.  I know it's so costly to run a server, dat could be your few starbucks for de month.  Took me a while to respond back....cuz I was pre-occupied re-capturing all my planets and I'm still not done with it yet too dude.

tournament compitition, I might join so may de best man wins and show wat canada is made out of 8)


Post Date: Mar 31, 2005 - 3:58 pm


*scratches head*  Tempest I've been wondering for a very long time...what de heck happened to your server?  You ain't running dis game anymore?  Are you still playing this game? And hopely you are feeling better bud.


Post Date: Mar 18, 2005 - 4:57 pm


my first try on a game cover.  Bare with me for I am an ameture.  It's jus one of my sample..I have other ideas that I'm working on.  I drew the ship (dat's my stealth )and astriod..and altered the planets.  I want to see how well I can do this with out the Maya.  This project gets me so excited I want to draw the other ships in my perspective :]

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Post Date: Feb 3, 2005 - 7:36 pm


Fakecajun's new objective "to be on the top 10 before the reset".  I hope I'm able to sneak pass few peeps :>].

Also fakecajun has one of the most name in the game "testz".  man I wish I can change it...I wasn't expected to play this all out.  I started jus to see if I can start up the game rigth with proper trading and planet managing....and to see how many floating pods I can destroy.  Too bad I haven't gotten the pod destroyer thing going on.  

Tarnus and PJ great job with the new design.  I like it can't wait for what's up nexts.  

Tournaments...ooh good luck to all those who were choosen.  It looks exciting.

out of topic...I want the MAtrix online! oh man that game looks sweet. I've waited for that thing since I've heard about it.

Post Date: Jan 26, 2005 - 6:03 pm


60 k turned used for 16,000,000 score. not bad not bad at know when I started playing I wasn't expecting to rise over people who where already bigger than I was.  With time and managing your planets helps.  I haven't been as active in the attacking side which I'll try to change soon.  Normally I jus destroy the captured planets..after all the owners will try to take em back

Post Date: Jan 15, 2005 - 6:55 pm


Oh my crack...I've been watching Resident evil 2 4 times and it never gets old.  =B my Milla J old crush since The fifth element has sparked again. *swoons* Awesome movie glad to see the nemesis as well as Jill Valentine!  Yay!

I love horror games like resisdent evil series and games such as Balder's gate Dark Allience D&D rpg style and multiplayer games like this and The Sims Online.  Anything where you make huge amount of money and huge empires(or huge personal stuff) Aatrader.  8) Sweet @$$ game.

Peace your friendly neighborhood Fakecajun

Post Date: Jan 8, 2005 - 3:48 pm


it's been awhile since I've posted.  I've started playing again..hey it's addiction man.  Still dont have access but I've been suing my school's labs or the library which is still pretty cool.  one thing sucks tho 4 out of 5 classes of mine are at night! 6-10 that is horrible...8) but I can surf and play during my computer classes..SShhh...don tell my teachers.


Post Date: Jan 5, 2005 - 9:25 pm


hey all. I don have a net connection most of the summer.  I'm jus chillen out and I hope everyone is doing ok.  Whoop some arses 8).  I left at the same time the main server was about to reset. Currently on de net cafe and with time limit, I've only have the time to check the blogs to read up on some of the actions.   peace out

Post Date: Jul 21, 2004 - 11:29 pm


Hehe Langel don get me started with my obsession about Jasmine Trias lol!  She is all I typed about in my live journal ( the last month or so. I think the people in my livejournal list are sick of it. But hey Big fanboy here and I'm jus promoting and supporting. We Jasmaniac (her fans) are hardcore fans and very supportive of her.  She's so so hot and can't wait to see her in concert and getting her album once it's out in da stores.  Whenever that is . She's a hula momma.  Can I post a pic in here? Meybe jus one pic of her a link 8).

*swoons* Oh my crack she's gorgeous

Post Date: Jun 22, 2004 - 11:21 pm


Oh one more I wasn't able to use my 10 billion plus mine fields over at de darkelves server .  Damn and I was leaving trails everywhere

Post Date: Jun 22, 2004 - 1:15 am


So Darkelves reseted this weekend. :-p I wasn't awared about it.  It was fun get to go agasints people I would normally allied with.  I think it's a great challange to go against one of the best players in this game.  I jus wanted to see how far I can go against Moon, taurus and gang .  Phaser first time I've played with him, dunno him much yet.  But it was fun neverless.

In the future games I want to play both in the same team and agaisnt them (Taurus, moonraker, tempest, big, bovine, fiveyes, annihilation). It's very educational I've learned so much, I'd like to play two servers with them and agaisnt them.  I have high respect for all of them.

Following the suit of darkevles..the main server is about to reset too.  Which is cool, I doubt I can get the first spot. Anakin has the luck steak over at the casino.  So I sense about 13 mil ending for him. After the reset I will take a break from the game this summer for two months or so. Once I get back and with a kick ass net connection, I can whoop some arses by then .  Me think jus in time for the next reset.  Currently i have 925 planets over in there wooohooo! o_O Wat's tough is finding out where all my sd indies are located. Of course I uses the spies...who doesnt...

This game is my most fave of all online game, the interaction and how freindly the developers are and talks to the players. Oh I got a suggestion...perhaps we can custumize our own blogs with out own styles in de future "  I love the hula girl, it's jasmine trias in 2d woooot.

Langel is our galaxy's space reporter.  I think she should end her post with

"This is Langel reporting live, FNN at news on 11" lol

Post Date: Jun 22, 2004 - 12:50 am


You know having an unstable internet really do sucks. I hate it..hate hate it. One minute it's super fast and then the next is slower than a 56k.  I will change it soon if they wont fix it for a better speed. Hell 35 dollars for a high speed shouldn't be like this non? Freakin Wireless.

But whenever my connection is fast I would take it on my advantage to attack.  Once my net goes in slow mo....well I'd jus stay in my little whole and build build, till of course my net goes fast again.  I hate not having the stablitly cuz I can't play to my fullest of ability. Which is why I wont join another server beside wat I have currently till I can fix this problem of mine.

can't woop asses like how I used to wit my cable system for fearing being in the middle of an attack my net would froze and might lose a good ship.

sigh at de moment net is extremely slow so builing planets tonite for me.

and ahem damn dawgs how do you custmize your blogs? =D I wanna I wanna.

Post Date: Jun 18, 2004 - 12:26 am


Haha I have to say I havent been lurking here in the blog area until recently.  You guys are very amusing . I love reading all your rantings.  Yeah I know I haven't been updating, jus been little busy and lazy to with. But soon I'll write something up.

you guys keep writing, cracks me up.

Post Date: Jun 17, 2004 - 2:30 am


ok now I'm cranky...I jus lost 2.6 tril at the casino over at the main game. Never again will I play black jack...well never again this week. damn

As for the other server...Tempest as 500 spies he say? =o uh's spring cleaning time for me again.  And perhaps some derbis hunting.

again didn't I mentioned I lost 2.6 tril? *sniff*

edited:  So far what I've gotten from my derbis scavenger hunting.   Not so bad...I'm still hoping to get an all round upgrade or 2.  It's very important to use your best ship.

fighter upgrade by 1
found 9 billion
7 mil armour
30 mil armour
34 mil fighters
38 mil fighters
44 mil armour
extra turns 889, 700, 800,
downgraded trops by one level
found sector device genesis
energy taker 4 mil
48 torps
7 mil amour, 30 bil taken away

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Post Date: Apr 18, 2004 - 3:28 pm


I am proud of my stats over at the darkelves server.  I'm more focusing on my eff your score high in less turns.  Tho it's been only 2 days since reset...the indies planets very vell defended.  I don think any of us can attack a 14 mil energy nor fighters defenses of indy planetaries.   In no's fast cash after all and the 'no bounty' rules.  It's gonna be great.  I've seen these players in action and I know they are good. :cool against de world.

Edited: My stats so far (6th day), currently 2nd in rank.  Team rumble is soon upon I'll be expecting being attack and versa visa

Score: 3,126,732
Turns Used: 22,851 - Rating: 7
Kills: 0 - Deaths: 0
Planet Captures: 6 - Planets Lost: 7
Planets Built: 115 - Avg Defense: 0

Eff rating of 137.

aaand I think we need more players on this server.  So anyone one gonna join in, I need more victims...err I meant *whistles*.   Here are some of the server settings for those who are curious.

igb Interest rate per update 0.1
igb Loan rate per update 0.06
Maximum number of accumulated turns 28,800
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn 20
Interests on igb accounts will be accumulated every  5 minutes

colonies are 100 mil per number of tech levels.

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Post Date: Apr 10, 2004 - 6:58 am


You know which type of players I can't stand? Beggars. For cryin out loud...asking for 200 bil, 500 bil even 1000 bil.  Do you know how hard it is for us to earn cashes?  I meant why should we work hard to earn the cash jus to give them to you? Dude I meant seriously. >

I respect those who works hard for their money.  Even those who raid other players, ddey are doing something beside sitting on their asses. If you work for'll gain them.  If all you do is jus sit on your asses and won't get jack squat.

We all started out wit 3,000,000's up to you to use your brain.

Main server
Oh another note. I have enough cash for an excelatior ship.  But I'm so itching to try my luck over at the casino. Since some of the top 5 players over the main game used de casino to gain fast cash.  I'm not so luck in black jack tho....if it was rollete. Baby I will ace dat suckah .  So anyway...getting my ship...or try to double up my cashes.  How much will it lower my score once I've purchased my ship? .....not so much I hope.

fast server
it's reset time! Tis cool ..I'm up for it, but this time I will do things twice as better.

Post Date: Apr 4, 2004 - 5:10 am


ok like right now it took me 6 mins to open up the add blog...and "cannot find server" in the games area.  Jus gotta have patient.  WHich is I haven't been much on attacking mood cuz I may be in the open space field and then lags comes around the corner..or even the cannot display pages.  I may end up being a snack.

*smacks wireless modem* come on let me play

Post Date: Mar 28, 2004 - 6:12 pm


ship kaboom.  My internet half of the time it loads too long or displaying "cannot find page".  Well I multiple click something....and well things that makes ship go boom.  Wireless internet...dey say it was much faster than cable or dsl.  But so not true , my area has low connection.  Boo!  Dude I'm dropping this wireless thing and get myself a dsl.  Cuz I can't stand the constant lagging and cannot find pages or cannot connect it self to the net. AOhell is much better ..atleast it only disconnected me once every hour .

DSl this week...woo

Post Date: Mar 28, 2004 - 5:58 pm


Arg Plasma storm drives me nuts..I had 5 planets with Plasma storm today.  I do change my digs' jobs whenever my colonies reach some new high level, hoping for a reducer. I hope decrease them via ship style...but with close to 200 planets, it would take so much of my turns.  I'm working on increasing my eff rating so that will be my last option.  Perhaps I will give all 10 digs a new job for each overly populated planets.  I don really care for embezzlers since not so much cash in my planets.  And ooh I love Space plague  best best way to decrease your colonies =B.

Team tournaments man so many strong teams are out there. War zone indeed it's gonna be fun to watch.  I'll sit this one out and will be waiting for the single tournament if it ever comes around the corner.

AOHell(aol) I'm currently using this in between switching a high speed provider (from rogers to fido).  It surely is an kept freezing my laptop
and not jus that. It being a 56 k means back to caveman days for de fakecajun.  Well it beats using an internet elsewhere.

Post Date: Mar 22, 2004 - 1:22 am


My rules changes as time goes. Before I would have a bunch of planets in one sector and a bunch of SGs.  But now I rather have 1-5 planets per sectors, in that way if someone gets to will only affected a few planets.  No matter how important or not so important a sector is to me..always place a massive amount of Sector defenses.  I added up the amount of energy my planets per sectors have created then divided it wit 60.  My sectors can hold 25-40 mil fighters. But who has the time to place all that shit anyway lol!  So 15-20 mil fighters per sectors will do.  So if someone wants 2 planets of mine really badly they have to work hard for it.

Now if you have a target who's in your bounty range and no teammate smaller(well I have teammates who are smaller but they never played anymore, so basicly I'm on my own) to attack them...wat I do is.  Advertise the hell out of their important sectors...yes place them around wit SGs in a popular area (prefered those that are visible to sector 1-4).  Yes plastered thier sectors around and in hoping someone will strumble upon them.  Either that or pay someone to attack them That was my old job in the vr. 14.  So much money then.

Post Date: Mar 14, 2004 - 1:12 am


Hey back :-).  Couple weeks or so ago one of my sectors was captured.  Found out about it when I woke up, can't think straight in the morning aand I was running late to my classes.  So after couple nova bombing I was in such a rush to get things done before leaving.  That's when I crashed my ship to it's SD. But anyway I got my ship back.

Anyway  Fakecajun been feeling like crap for awhile...depressed, heart broken ya see :-(.  Bah to have someone you love for couple yrs and loved you all the same...jus suddenly she doesn't give shit.  It hurts...I've been crushed for few months now.  My wounds hasn't been healed.  One thing good about that tho...dat's how I gotten myself involed in this game. If she toss me out of the window I may not have been here. :-) :-)

Miss my sexah fiah

Post Date: Mar 11, 2004 - 3:57 pm


bye bye second spot..I want to get myself a Voyager .  I can't attack anyone on top over dere anyway.

Razorback= I spent over 200 bill..250ish-28oish.

Endevor= almost 500 bil.

Mmmhmm....would I be insane to trade it all off..especially when trading in your current ship counts of less than half you spent on them?

God...I'm still thinking about this.  I did saved up my turns of it....

edited: lol got the ship and the points wasn't as huge as I thought. I can get myself back up in no time

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Post Date: Feb 28, 2004 - 3:14 pm


So I've been debating to myself, "should I get a Voy and scarificing my spot on the second most top?  Is a Voy worth it?...when specially I can do jus the same with a class 6 ship which can reach it self to level 30.  I spent shitload to all my current ships....but I do want a Voy.  So we will see...

Post Date: Feb 27, 2004 - 6:34 pm


So I haven't been as agressive in my game play in both main and fast servers yet. I haven't had the motivations, if someone attacks my teammates heavly then I'd get my mojo running.  Or If you attack or ticked me once...I'll come after you constantly.

As for now I've been observing how to maintain my planets wit less turns used.  In the main server your Turns are precious seeing as there's lack of.  At the same time I've been spy lurking as I'm trading.  Always bests to know where is everybody.  You might not use it now but eventually you might.

My teammate Annih and I are different when it comes wit our strategy.  He's more of the agressive goes after enemies while I'm more of the backup and reserver.  I think it works wonderfully.  Too bad Bombers didn't joined the current game....3 of us wreaking havok like always.  Would have been cool. 8)

One more thing..why is everybody killing themselves?  I mean we may not have the money like gods as it was from the previews game or a free ride in a fancy car. In the past version your sector defenses and even an all leveled 54 planets meant nothing, someone can nova bomb as often as they wanted. With all the money in the world they can aford to do that as often.  But now we have to think twice about doing it, unless it's necessary, seeing de cost might be huge if backfires.

But anyway lets see jus how long it will take us all to reach the 1000 trillion cash levels.   I do feel like it will take yrs...unless I feel lucky with the casino .

Aaand I am not getting a voyager in the main game...why get one when you couldn't even reach level 30 ship defenses.  So razorclaws ship is for me for the moment.  I'll work my ass for a Class 8 ship skipping a voye.  

oh one more thing...This game is so addicting lol! Quickly somebody block me from the site so I can be cured. lol

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Oh one more thing Annih is back.  It wasn't much of a team without him.  Each of us doing our own little thing besides teamwork.  I really do think we need his leadership, I'm not much of a backup leader...well I have a hard time giving orders.  It's best giving to someone else who were born for Annih.  Anyway he's's havok causing time!  Sh!t I better tell him which team not to touch.

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Robbie's log

How about dat eh?  I managed to keep myself in the top 10 players in both games the Main and Fast server. What's my secret? Other my overly used turns?  I kept maintaining my planets making sure they won't turn independent.  Having a well defensed sector dose help.  Often my planets in the sector entrances are energy plants. For it to able to generate my fighters.  The more you have the more intimidating it is for the lurkers.  Always have more than a few based for safe keepings.

Ally yourself with whom you think are potencial powerful players.  Sure I may not be in their team but when help needed I would lean a hand.

Tho I haven't seen much action yet but eventually.  I had my little taste over at the Fast server  *pets his precious voyager* .

Post Date: Feb 20, 2004 - 3:27 am


Oh man maintaining colonies is such a pain and time consuming.  Whenever a planet's colonies reached a certain level, I quickly moved them to another or even creating a planet for it.  Digs decreaser only seems to work when you have two per planet.  You can have one digs decreaser the growth won't be as extreme but it still quite fast.

But anywayz besides that fact, this game is very addicting lol!  It's prolly one of the best net game, as good as  this vampire game . =( But sadly I haven't been able to log in for over two months all because of my cookies.  lol They prolly have deleted my account...such a waste of 20 us dollars I gaved to them for my powers.  I'm mean damn..

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well since I already have a blog via , nothing interesting in there really it's all about how tortured soul I am. Ahem aaanyway in here I'd prolly be writing mostly about the game.  Nothing personal stuff, I'm sparing you all from the acid trip.

And now ere I I quoted the most excellent dude Keanu...'WHOA'  


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